Dolph Hoyt Presents Great North Virtual (& Live) Trivia

Our next round of Dolph Hoyt Presents Great North (Virtual) Trivia will kick off on Thursday, August 20, starting at 7:00 PM EST.

Our Tasting Room and Patio have both reopened and we’re so glad to have everyone back! That means trivia can be played from home or from the Tasting Room. That said, we will continue to use the platform for answering questions in either location. If you want to play from the Tasting Room, reservations are required. You can call or text us at (603) 858-5789

If you are playing from home, a link will go out for the live stream on YouTube. If you are playing in the Tasting Room, you’ll get to play with Matt & Mike in person!

The code for the game on will be posted & announced in the live stream. If playing from home, it will work best if you have 2 devices (one for the live stream, and one to play the game).

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